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Features & Benefits of Polyester Insulation:

  • Made From 100% Polyester
  • User Friendly – NO Protective Clothing Required Upon Installation
  • Environmentally Friendly & Fully Recyclable
  • Non Toxic
  • Non Irritant & Non Allergenic
  • Fully Complies With the Australian & New Zealand Building Codes
  • Long Term Stability & Performance
  • Resistant to Insects & Vermin
  • Not Affected By Moisture
  • Improves Comfort in Summer & Winter
  • Reduces Energy Consumption

Enviro Q’ld install BlueBatts™ which are a premium quality Polyester insulation that meets the requirements of the Australian Insulation Standard (AS/NZS4859.1) & the Building Code of Australia (BCA). BlueBatts™ insulation is manufactured under the strictest of quality control standards to ensure our products quality, reliability & performance.

This product is continually tested in house & independently by AWTA. BlueBatts™ 100% Polyester Batts are deemed to be of self extinguishing properties.

BlueBatts™ are guaranteed to perform for the life of your home (conditions apply), providing comfort & energy savings well into the future. BlueBatts™ Polyester is thermally bonded for greater durability. There is no need for chemical resins to bond fibres.

BlueBatts™ Polyester batts are non irritant, tough & gentle to handle. Polyester BlueBatts™ are a locally manufactured product BlueBatts™ Insulation products comply with:

Building Code of Australia

There are no hazards with the use or handling of BlueBatts™ Polyester insulation materials. BlueBatts™ is non-toxic, on-irritant and non-allergenic. BlueBatts™ contain a high percentage of previously recycled polyester fibre (from PET plastic) and is completely recycled at end of life. BlueBatts™ is manufactured under zero Waste policy where manufacturing waste is recycled or re-processed into other products.

BlueBatts™ do not contain or release formaldehyde or any other VOC’s. BlueBatts™ do not contain nor produce CFC, HCFC or any other ozone depleting substances as gases.

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